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How To Make Chalkboard Invitations in Word?

You can use the chalkboard as a design inspiration to make cards, brochures, or postcards as an invitation to your upcoming events or occasions. Whether you wish to invite people for a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, bbq party, Christmas party, or anything to celebrate, chalkboard invitations are undeniably unique. Chalkboard invitation seems trendy. You can see chalkboard designs for the menu in your favorite coffee shop. The chalkboard-inspired design are also looking peculiar because it's simple, modern, yet engaging.

Learn from our tips to guide you in making your chalkboard invitations using MS Word.

1. Use Dark Colors

Since you're making a chalkboard-inspired invitation card, always use dark colors as your background color. You may use back or any other primary colors but with darker shades. Dark colors are the most appropriate ones to use. As soon as you picked dark colors, don't forget to make a vignette on your chalkboard invitation cards. Doing so ensures that there is an excellent focal point on your chalkboard invitations.

2. Include Useful Vectors

Vector graphics make your chalkboard invitations more appealing. Also, vector graphics give conviction to the message that you will write in the chalkboard invitations. Whatever vector graphic you want to use, make sure it's relevant to the purpose and the message of your invitations. If you're going to invite people for a graduation party, then use a graduation cap vector. If you wish to invite people for a housewarming party, use a vector graphic of a key or a house.

3. Include Floral Design

Never underestimate the power of floral designs. They make your chalkboard invitations look more beautiful. You can pick flower vectors available in MS Word, paint, or anywhere online. If you use the available custom floral borders in MS Word, go to the "design" tab. Then, go to the Page Layout menu and click "Page Borders." To guide you in making floral borders in your chalkboard invitation, you may also refer to our wedding invitation templates.

4. Experiment With Our Beautifull Designed Templates

Our chalkboard invitation templates are readily available in MS Word. Which means you don't need to work from scratch anymore. Our chalkboard invitation templates are beautiful because they make use of high-resolution vectors. Meaning, whenever you print your chalkboard invitation cards, they're not pixelated. Also, make sure to determine the appropriate card dimensions for your invitations. If you're making a large invitation, choose a card dimension of 6x8 inches card dimension.

5. Don't Overwhelm Your Invitees

Use three or fewer fonts to make all the details in your chalkboard invitation become more legible. Do not overpower the actual information about your invitation. Also, make sure not to clutter your chalkboard invitation. Otherwise, you'll discourage them from responding "yes" to your invitation. Aside from bombarding your readers with a lot of information, overworking on the design elements is also distracting. If your chalkboard invitation is overworked, there is a tendency that your readers don't comprehend to your key message.

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