Formally inform the passing of a loved one to friends, family, and associates, and invite them for an upcoming funeral event. Our website has a wide selection of Funeral invitation templates you can use to create a formal and professionally designed invitation card. Download our premium templates for free and get to use ready-made files you can easily customize. This template makes use of content that is high-quality, such as layout, artwork, images, text, and graphic files. They are also print-ready and can be shared digitally. Easily editable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (.ai), Indesign, Microsoft Word (.doc), Publisher (.PUB), Apple Pages and Google Docs.

For some, funerals are a celebration of life after death. For most though, dealing with the loss of someone through death is hard. Funeral invitations are a means of informing friends or colleagues about the passing of an individual and of the memorial service to be held. Funeral invitations, therefore, need to be written carefully and with a little sensitivity regarding the nature of the subject.

The following are a few conditions that need to be considered when writing a funeral invitation:

  • Keep the invitation simple. A lot of the features of a formal invitation card are purposely omitted. Sticking with the basics is the way to go. Create ready made, premium design funeral invitations with templates from

  • As previously stated, funeral invitations are for the purpose of informing friends and relatives of the passing of an individual. The invitation itself is not actually an invitation but a simple act of sharing information. People rarely invite others to a funeral except only for relatives and close friends. To make beautiful and easily editable funeral invitations, download funeral invitation templates from the site.

  • Invitations for a funeral are a rarity and invitees are often not obligated to come or attend. Create warm messages of support using printable and highly customizable funeral invitation templates from

In creating a funeral invitation, information that is only needed must be gathered such as the time, date, and location of the funeral. It would also be prudent to include special requests like guests delivering heartfelt eulogies for the deceased. Get free funeral invitation template examples from the site for any funeral invitation need. Be able to easily insert images of the deceased without having to hire a designer. For funerals having a gathering after the funeral service, make sure to include details of this gathering on your invite so invited persons will be informed of the gathering.

By being able to customize and personalize funeral invitation templates from, you are given the freedom of doing what you want with your invitation. Here are a few of the advantages of using our templates:

  • Instantly download eye-catching designs of high-quality premium colors in high-quality definition and 300 dpi resolution

  • Modify, replace, or add content or images using chosen fonts, colors, and backgrounds in any favorite software program

  • Download anytime and anywhere on any device at lightning-fast speeds.

  • Distribute online or share digitally through email

With all these advantages, get started on your funeral invitation by heading over to the site to download easy to edit invitation templates well suited for your application.

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