Thanksgiving is the day for merriment and gathering. A holiday where a flock of people will gather around to observe the annual celebration. Whether you are arranging a formal ceremony or a simple dinner, you'll need an invitation tool. This Thanksgiving Day, invite your loved ones for a party by using one of our Free Thanksgiving Day Invitation Templates. Our templates are entirely customizable to fit your liking. These are guaranteed to provide you ease and convenience because of its preformatted layout. We offer 100% customizable, printable, high quality, professional, quick, and beautifully designed templates. Available in 5x7 inches + Bleed and ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. What's good with our models is that they're yours to keep once downloaded. Hurry and download one of our templates for free today!

What Is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day is an annual celebration in the United States every fourth Thursday of November. It is considered as a national holiday. It is solely celebrated to give thanks for the blessings received. It first started as a harvest festival in the 16th century. The country's first president, George Washington, was the first president to proclaim November 26 as a Thanksgiving Day. However, the sole reason for this celebration was to celebrate the United States' new Constitution.

The most popular thanksgiving meals are Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing, Corn, Cranberry Sauce, and Mashed Potatoes. Leftovers are then made into a stew, casserole, sandwich, burger, and chili, which 79% of Americans appreciate more than the actual Thanksgiving Day meal.

How to Create a Thanksgiving Day Invitation?

The holiday's theme must be evident in your invitation. To create a beautiful Thanksgiving Day invitation, read our tips below.

1. Experiment with Our Templates

There's no need to spend so much time making your printable invitation cards when you can download our Thanksgiving Day Invitation Templates for free. Our templates are entirely customizable, so you need not worry about being limited to our preformatted design.

2. Add Event Details

Your event details are the most crucial part of your invitation card. These include your event title, time, date, location, attire, and what to bring (if applicable). Review each detail carefully; misinforming your recipients is the last thing you want to happen. If you're going to emphasize a specific feature, have it in a different font, color, and size.

3. Provide Background

Your background can either be a color or a picture. When you choose colors, make sure they complement your font color to deem your event details readable. Don't be afraid to provide white space to ensure a balance between the opposing colors.

4. Incorporate Images and Choose a Font

We are automatically drawn towards images. Provide images related to your event. For your fonts, choose a font to use responsibly. Avoid the overuse of your fonts because it will make your creative card messy. Limit to less than three and choose one that's decent enough to be readable.

5. Provide a Map of Your Event Location

One of the main reasons why guests dissuade from attending a simple event is that they do not know where it is located. To ensure their attendance, provide a map to your event's location. The starting point should be somewhere they are familiar with. You may also indicate what form of transportation they should use.

6. Print and Distribute

Once everything has been provided, review the invitation card if there are any lacking or missing information. Afterward, you may either send them through email or in person. For your guests who have no access to emails or the internet, then you have no choice but to give it in person. Enclose it in packaging such as an envelope. Your envelope should be as beautiful and creative as the card itself.

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