When it comes to providing supplies and services, incorporating invoices is essential to proper billing and bookkeeping. If you need easily editable samples, look no further than our Business Invoice Templates! With our professional content, you can handle your payment details with minimal hassle. And if you need to make them conveniently shareable, our samples even come available as PDF files. Go ahead and download today—create invoices for a landscape service, photography studio, and more!

How to Make a Business Invoice in PDF

Invoices are integral in regards to handling payments. Not only do they serve as billing documents for your clients and customers, but they also play their parts in logging payment information (as explained in an article by Investopedia, a business and finance resource).

Are you wondering how to create a printable business invoice you can share on multiple platforms? No problem, just read below for a few handy tips!

1. Prepare Your Business Invoice Document

To create your shareable invoice, you need an appropriate software application that lets you insert and edit grid tables. For example, you can use Apple Pages on Mac and MS Word on Windows.

Once you’ve chosen a program and opened a fresh document, start by giving your invoice a basic yet proper title—like “Creative Advertising Invoice” or “Construction Labor Invoice.”

2. Incorporate a Grid Table in Your Business Invoice

When creating an invoice, you need a neat and tidy grid table to organize the various payment details (hourly rates, ordered quantities, grand total, etc.). Match the row and column quantities with the number of listed items and information categories respectively. Also, reserve the top row for labeling purposes and the rightmost column for the subtotal category.

3. Customize Your Grid Table

Presentation and readability are important in an invoice. To improve your table’s clarity, segregate specific sections using various colors. Along with the cells’ colors, format their text as well—alignment, style, size, and so on. And to make your invoice look more professional, insert your company’s logo in one of the upper corners.

4. Save Your Invoice as a PDF File

To create a document in PDF, you need an application that lets you save the file as such. For example, there’s Apple Pages for Mac and Microsoft Word for Windows. Alternatively, you can do a quick online search for easy-to-use software that saves finished documents as PDF files. Once it’s saved, you can now share the document across practically all platforms.

And there you have all our tips! Now you can easily design an industry-standard business invoice in PDF!

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