When we hear or see something that rings a bell to us, we trace back our memories of it and even share the story behind it. Companies are trying to make this kind of impression, not just to their customers or clients, but also to the public. They try to be unique in presenting themselves so the people would recognize them the moment they see their brand image. Does your IT and Software Company already have its company image? If you're trying to make one, make use of our IT and Software Letterhead templates and make your company identity in all your business documents and other files now!

How to Make an IT and Software Letterhead In Apple(MAC) Pages?

The Frisky wrote that a letterhead is essential for your business because it gives your brand a sense of professionalism. It represents your business and what it stands for. To visually represent your IT and Software company, create its letterhead now with the guide below.

1. Create the Letterhead Layout

In a blank document of Apple Pages, make a rough draft of your IT and Software company letterhead contents. Allocate space for your company logo then indicate your company name, address, and contact information. Contact details may include your company’s telephone and fax numbers, email address, and company website. Save your company slogan as well if your company has one.

2. Format the Word Contents

Select the letterhead contents’ font size and style. The header and footer portion of the document has a limited area. So appropriate the best font size and style of the contents. Do not overdo the graphic design. Keep a simple software print design to remember and recall.

3. Insert Your Company Logo

Place your IT and Software company logo on the designated space for it. Set its size. See to it that it is still recognizable even with its small size. Base the size of the word contents to the size of the logo, or you can do the reverse. Fit the company logo size to the size of the letterhead word contents.

4. View the Letterhead

Just to make sure that everything you prepared for the letterhead is visible when you use it for writing a letter and other company files, exit the header and footer editor. You will see if there are contents that exceeded the header and footer borders. Make the necessary changes if that’s the case.

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