A statement is a complete and formal account that tells about something. In business, we have different statements like an income statement, a billing statement, and others. There are also these things like a personal statement and a problem statement. And this shows that statements are everywhere. Even projects have statements, too. We call it a project statement. And this kind of statement is going to be very important to any project. If you don't have one for your IT and software company, you can choose a template from our IT and Software Statement Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages! These are editable and customizable. You can print these in A4 & US on your printer. Download now!

How to Make an IT and Software Statement in Apple Pages?

A statement of work in an IT and software company is essential. This is the weapon of the manager to keep everything organized. This document will not only serve as a guide for the project, but it can also serve as documentation. Having this document around will keep the company and its clients from any conflict, according to The Digital Project Manager. This is because there's no vagueness since the project scope is recorded on the paper. But the paperwork of making one is the problem, so you should have notes of the tips below:

1. State What the Project is About

Write a statement or an overview of what the project is about on this contract. You can also write the project's objectives.

2. Write the Steps on How the Project is Going to be Successful

Make it part of your checklist to state how you can make the project successful. You may write your work approach. You can also divide the project into phases.

3. Write the Resources, the Location, and Equipment the Project Needs

Since you have to make the document as specific as possible, you have to write its details. Make a list of the resources that you need, write where you will perform the project, and state the equipment necessary.

4. Specify How Much the Project Costs

You need to specify the cost of the project on the document. This way, there's no confusion about how much the client has to your company.

5. Provide When You Will Finish the Project

You have to make sure that you put the schedule when you can finish the project. You have to include it in the document.

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