As the IT industry continues to thrive, the competition gets tougher for software developers and programmers. So, to promote your IT/Software company or an upcoming event, you need to use a poster to make an impactful visual statement and earn lots of potential clients or audiences. Check out our selection of high-quality and enticing IT/Software Poster Templates! And take advantage of our collection that is editable and fully customizable in Apple Pages on your Macbook Pro and other Mac devices and printable in A3 size. Download now to bring in more business to your company or get a lot of audience for your event!

How To Create An IT/Software Poster In Apple(MAC) Pages?

According to Select USA, there are about 525,000 IT and software companies in the US in 2018. As an IT/Software company, you only want one thing, and that is to bring in more business or get a lot of audience for your upcoming event. For that, we present you with a guide that will help you craft a lovely poster or other advertising materials like banners.

1. Get the Right Size

The standard sizes for posters are 11" × 17", 16" × 20", 18" × 24", and 24" × 36". In choosing a size for your poster, you must consider where you will post it. On a bulletin board? Lightpost? Wall?

2. Be Witty with your Headline

People get easily drawn to witty headlines, so add strong words like "One-stop shop" and "State of the Art" to your text. And focus your text on your core message so that your target audience would know What, Where, and When reading your event poster.

3. Use Color and Eye-Catching Graphics

Your business poster presentation has a big impact on making your audience interested. That's why you need to be creative with your designs and layout. To catch the attention of your target audience, add color, and eye-catching graphics. Choose graphics that relate to your text and choose colors that complement your graphics and message.

4. Proofread your Final Output

In every modern poster that you make, a review should always follow. Check whether there are spelling errors, grammatical errors, missing information, or wrong information. And have others check your work and point out errors and mistakes before you print it.

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