How to Create an IT and Software Tracker in Word?

"Accountability is critical for achieving winning results," According to a report by Forbes. The use of Trackers brings accountability to your business in many ways. And if you want your business to achieve winning results, then here are some tips on how you can make an effective IT and Software Tracker using Microsoft word.

1. Always Start with an Outline

Trackers, in general, contain rows and columns just like what you find on timesheets. The majority of your tracker's outline will consist of these, so you should start making this part first so that you can easily arrange its parts.

2. Make it Flexible and Versatile

Almost all businesses will make the most out of the resources they have in hand. So with that in mind, it's better to keep a copy of the tracker's general outline and add the details and labels later when you need them.

3. Always Have Portability in Mind

We are living in a fully digital world today, and people can access information wherever they are and whenever they want. Trackers contain vital information the same as reports do, and it's always best that the higher-ups have access to these online.

4. Have Ways to Track Your Trackers

Although trackers are always dated to the time they're prepared, it's always best to have ways to track like barcodes and serial numbers. And while you're at it, why not prepare a dedicated log sheet for them too?

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