Advertising is one of the elements of a company where you spend a lot of everything. But, you can this problem professionally if you start producing print materials. According to a survey, 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to receive printed handouts, like flyers and posters. With low cost and less effort, you can produce and disseminate the products that you sell. Get to make one for your IT and Software company by getting our comprehensive, professionally written, and beautifully-designed IT and Software Flyer Template in Microsoft Word. This has original suggestive heading and content that you can utilize. You need professional software solutions for your problem, so download this template now!

How to Make an IT and Software Flyer in Microsoft Word

As the years go by, some of the businesses consider the leaflet industry as dying and useless, but they are wrong. As of today, flyers still greatly help with the marketing of a company. Especially for companies involving technology, like IT and Software, it would be advantageous for them to utilize flyers as their advertising tool. So, if you wanted to make an IT and Software flyer now and do not know as to where to start, do not worry as we got you! Below are useful and proven tips in making a flyer.

1. Compose an Eye-Catching Headline

Carefully choose the words that you will attach to your headline. Make it remarkable, unique, and noticeable. Popular words that you can indicate are adjectives that would tickle the interest of your reader. For example, if you are advertising the software developer service that your company offers, you can have a headline like ‘’Now You Can Develop Your Own Software’’ or ‘’Unlock the Right Software for You!’’

2. Play with Graphics

For your flyer design, you need to play with design elements. You can include every element of design, but remember the golden rule— balance everything. You can have a stunning photo as a background for your cover page. This would serve as your focal point, so you need to choose the photo that would summarize everything that you wanted to portray in your flyer.

3. Emphasize the Benefits that you can Give

This tip is essential for IT and Software businesses that offer products or services. As your audiences might ask themselves, ‘’What can I get from this?’’, answer them by providing the benefits that they can get in availing your product flyer. Make your text brief and on-point. Make use of bullet points to sort out the benefits.

4. Less is More

A flyer is a document that you need to simplify. Do not make it complicated. If you tend to make it in a flyer maker, do not go over-the-top. Set the margins to ½’’ on all sides and ?’’ for printing. In that way, you can generate a well-made promotional flyer.

5. Offer Special Promotions

The main goal of your flyer is to entrance your audience in availing your IT and Software service. With that, you can indicate special promos and discounts. You can indicate a coupon or voucher at the bottom of your flyer. But, make sure to indicate its due date and inclusions.

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