Since the time computers were invented in 1978, there has boomed the existence of information and technology. Since then projects and development have been non-stop. However, there are some ground rules to such projects. Whenever a project is at stake, it’s vital to handle it with legal documents. Whether it’s for a trial software or software maintenance agreement you have got all of it with us at just a click away. You can browse from our ready-made, and high-quality IT and Software Agreement Templates with original content included. Download your choice and customize it using Microsoft Word. For that reason, you will have the ease in jotting down the terms and conditions that both parties must agree upon. Download now! 

How to Make an IT and Software Agreement in Microsoft Word?

As asserted by CompTIA, the information technology industry notched a 5% growth in the projects, which eventually took its big leap that helped in the industry’s development today. But with a market increasing its power, protecting the rights and interests of both an organization and client should be in a written document. Follow the tips below to create an IT and Software Agreement in Microsoft Word.

1. Get Started with a Written Document

As written agreements secure legality, pen down the details in a document. Do this with a template that is readily-formatted. Whether you are making a development agreement or user agreement, making changes won’t be too demanding with a pre-made one. Now, do the rest of the process in Microsoft Word.

2. Keep It Professional-looking

You don’t need a lot of words to call it a legal agreement. Instead, keep the paragraphs short as possible. You can put numbers in each block to make it more organized and easy to read. And while you have a ready-made template, ensure to keep the format clean with white background.

3. Identify the Parties Involved

Addressing the agreement to the right person is vital for the business. So, include a correct list of authorized and legal names. Secure the responsibilities of both parties involved. For service agreements, such as in maintenance and software development, this is an important step to identify legal obligations.

4. Supply all the Details

Interpret the shaking of hands and meetings into a written body. Avoid leaving key points behind. Discuss different blocks, including payment terms, obligations, and rights of both parties. You may insert a confidentiality agreement to incorporate it in legal terms. Doing so can secure both the vendor and client.

5. Incorporate Signatures and Date

Every business agreements must contain the date of effectivity and authorized signatures. Both the date and signature secures that two parties acknowledge the terms completed in the document.

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