When offering your IT product or service, you have to provide your prospective client with detailed information. One of the most effective technical documents that you can use in this matter is a proposal. This is a formal document in which you can detail the essential information of your product or service for the perusal of your prospective client. If you don’t have this document yet, check out our IT/Software Proposal Templates in Word. These templates were professionally designed and written by professionals and 100% editable. Download these templates now and subscribe to our subscription plans for more templates! 

How to Write an IT/Software Proposal Templates in Word?

The IT sector is one of the industries that continuously grow. As a result, more businesses are entering this industry to compete with the existing ones. From here, we can attest that despite the IT products and services’ strong demand, the competition still plays a threat. If you offer your IT product or service, you should prepare a proposal right now for you to be ready when the opportunity comes. Here are a few tips that will help you when writing your IT/Software Proposal.

1. Know Your Prospective Client

Before you write your proposal, make sure that you know the basic information of your prospective client. The information may include the complete company name, address, and contact information. Also, you should know your client’s problems or needs for improvement. In this way, you can write your proposal addressing these problems of needs.

2. Write Your Cover Letter

The cover letter should not exceed one page. Remember that the cover letter is a summary of your entire proposal, and it should have a word count around 300 to 400. Make sure that your client can understand your intention from the cover letter alone. You may download our sample cover letters for your guidance.

3. Introduce Your Company and Product or Service

This is the part of your proposal wherein you can detail the history of your business, including its products or services. When writing the history of your company, state how you manage to be successful and how your product or service provides benefits to your clients.

4. Describe the Scope of Work, Pricing, and Terms

The scope of work should detail the process that you will execute once your proposal has been accepted. Also, include the pricing in your proposal and terms and conditions.

5. Proofread Your Proposal

Submitting your proposal without proofreading it first could be the reason why your proposal has been rejected. Why? Some clients are very particular about how you write your proposal. Therefore, you should proofread your proposal to determine if there are any mistakes in alignments, spellings, grammar, and other similar errors.

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