How to Make an IT and Software White Paper in Word?

As stated on a page from, a white paper document is a type of marketing article published by a company or organization to promote their goods and services as solutions to a given issue/demand.

So, to help you write such a document, we’re offering our white paper templates for you to take advantage of! For tips on how to use our samples in MS Word, just keep reading down below.

1. Choose Carefully, Then Edit in Microsoft Word

To make sure you optimize your time and effort in the editing process, download a white paper template with a layout and content that best suits the kind of article you’re writing. Next, open the file in MS Word and start altering the placeholder content as needed. Feel free to not just replace the written text, but also change the alignment, line spacing, etc. as you see fit.

2. Use Writing Aids and Make Corrections

If you’re ever feeling off with your writing ability, then don’t hesitate to use things like a thesaurus or grammar checker to help you out--they’re even conveniently found around online. And, never forget to doublecheck your IT/software white paper and make the appropriate corrections.

3. Promote Your Products and Solutions Through Other Means

There are other cost-effective ways to spread the news about what you have to offer. For example, you can use flyers as quick and easy handouts to prepare then distribute. And, if you’d like something that’s still portable but offers more room to print on, then brochures are a perfect fit for the job.

4. Get to Publishing

After your document is complete, it’s good and ready to distribute to the public. Whether you’re offering cloud storage or an antivirus program, you can rely on our Software Print Templates to let everyone know!

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