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How to Make a Journal Planner in Word

People might agree that journaling is old-fashioned. But, they don't know how a simple journal can change a person's life. A study in 2013 concluded that an hour of writing could lessen people's blues and stress through writing about unfortunate events that happened to them. Regardless of good or bad experiences, journaling is a great tool to improve your mental health. Another thing, you can also use a journal for a lot of things, such as organizing your schedule, listing your goals, and more! So, how about starting your journal today? Here are some tips to help you create one:

1. Identify the Kind of Journal Planner that You Want

There's no standard way of using a journal. It's really up to the person how she or he wants to use it. Some people use a journal to record what happened to their day faithfully. Some people use it as their meal tracker, as their food planner, or as their gratitude journal. You can use a journal any way you want it. However, to start one, you have to identify how you want it to be. You can use it for a single purpose, or you can use it for different things.

2. Add Personal Touches

Make your simple planner more beautiful by adding designs on it. Design it according to your taste. Your journal has to be a reflection of you. After all, it's yours. Imagine your journal as you, and think about how you want yourself to look. So, you use yourself as an inspiration in designing your journal and make it as your best self journal. You can add journal planner stickers (e.g., cute stickers), colors, and more. Likewise, you can also keep your journal simple without designs on it, if you want it that way.

3. Record What You Want

See your journal as your friend, like someone who's not going to judge your feelings, thoughts, or ideas. So, by this, record what you want in your journal. You can pour out your deepest thoughts, things that make you happy or sad, or the events in your life. You can put your plans in your journal and use it as your goal planner or travel planner. Your journal is going to be an accurate record of your life. Don't limit yourself. You can write about the positive and negative things without discrimination. Just be yourself.

4. Stick to Filling Your Journal Planner

It should be your goal to fill your journal planner regularly. Make your bullet journal planner an inspirational route to becoming more engaged with your feelings and emotions, becoming more organized, and growing to be more productive. Make it a habit of sticking to your planner. Research says that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, to remind yourself about your journal, you can allocate a schedule as to when you can write on your planner. But, make sure that you don't forget it.

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