Justice will prevail, they say. But often, we get tongue-tied trying to defend ourselves without the right experts to guide and protect us. That is where lawyers get in the way, lending a hand to reach for justice that every client needs. But even expertise is still dangled with challenges and risks. With our Ready-Made and High-Quality Law Firm Flowchart Templates in Word, we can provide help for every agency to find convenience in following the right workflow structure. All these files can be downloaded with sizes available in A3, A4 and US Letter sizes. Improve communication and productivity in the office today. Get all your legal processes in a better and firmer structure. Download, customize, and print a template today! 

How to Create a Law Firm Flowchart in Microsoft Word

Criminal, divorce, and drug involvement cases, all of these must undergo a legal proceeding. Practices and long hours of hearings must accompany every legal process. Indeed, the law is a crucial situation to deal with. And behind all these procedures are lawyers that make sure their clients are served with justice. However, running a law firm agency demands intellect and efficiency. According to the 2008 survey conducted by the American Bar Association, the American lawyer population increased to 15%. But even with this rise of population in attorneys, continually every law company has internal struggles. Especially in the workflow, a pile of manual processes with the lack of technology and communication involvement may hinder lawyers from following the legal steps without complexity. That is why developing a law firm workflow is essential. Workflow structures help in every decision points to target the end goal. So, in helping you create a Law Firm Flowchart, we provide a list of steps below.

1. Determine Your Company’s Weak Spots

As a company, you always have to make sure that you know what needs improvement. Although challenges in the workplace happen, these could be prevented. So, to get started, create a list of your company’s weak points. This may include a lack of productivity, bad time management, or weak law books intellect. That is why you need to assess your employees. Do this process with the help of your team. So, gather around and discuss further.

2. Get it Done with a Flowchart Template

Identifying your company’s struggles help you come up with the tasks that you need to accomplish. But before that, when everything is set, start mapping it out. In visualizing the process, you can create from the beginning or download a pre-made template. So, which one gives you flexibility then? Both do. However, saving your time can be achieved by downloading a ready-made template. Our website offers Ready-Made Law Firm Flowchart Templates you can customize using Microsoft Word. Get directed into a new document by finding your template in the Downloads folder. Then, open the template with the software.

3. Create a Step by Step Process

Now that your template is ready, complete a simple chart by transferring all the step by step tasks. As a general rule, you have to avoid lengthy descriptions. Make it clear for the user to understand the flow easily. Other than that, all the labels must be accurate and concise. To do this, insert a text. Draw a Text box in your layout. Make sure it fits the box or shape. But most importantly, don’t forget to jot them down in sequence.

4. Customize the Layout

The fun part mostly starts in customizing the whole look of your chart. Customizing helps you get handy with the adjustments. So, ensure to use an arrow connector. All the shapes must be connected accordingly. For example, Task A should connect an arrow towards the task B. And not the other way around. Next, put your flowchart’s name at the topmost part of your document. You may also consider inserting your company’s law logo at the top or below the name of your chart. Putting the logo helps add quality.

5. Use It for a Better Experience

Before printing, it is important that the flowchart must undergo review and modifications. With that, you must recheck the process individually. This helps in ensuring that errors and mistakes are avoided. Save a copy of the file that you can go back to and update later on. Now, print copies for your sample charts. Put it in your law firm office. But other than that, you can discuss it with your team. Now, be benefited from an improved experience.

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