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Create Your Own Holiday Planner And Organize Your Leave Application With Template.net's Leave Plan Templates Editable In MS Word And Other Formats. Check Out Our Sample Staff Leave Records And Forms Which Include Maternity And Parental Leave Spreadsheets, Annual Leave Plans, And Other Similar Templates. Our Templates Come In Free And Premium Packages.See more

Besides company and state-required breaks and days off, companies also need to provide staff with the vacation they need. The number of days varies per country, requirements, and gender. Creating the best leave plan for companies and HR professionals will make your employees stay for a long time in your company. In a Work Plan, you can add the leave conditions the state and your company allows. But you can learn more about various conditions and leave types from the Free Leave Plan Word Templates. Template.net’s samples feature editable content for any business.

Most married couples want to have a child to complete their family. For women, the burden of pregnancy can be overwhelming, and they deserve the break they need with the Maternity Leave Plan. Besides women, men also deserve to be with their newborns and help their partners during the early stages, so add parental leave to your company leave plans. But some companies have different leave conditions and leave credit applications. Write an Annual Plan containing the number of days allowed for bereavement, sick, and parental leaves. Likewise, the samples also have return-to-work policies that could help you draft one for your company. 

Use Microsoft Word tools to level up the contents. Another way to save time in editing the content is through Template.net’s workspace. The simple tools and other document formatting options let you upgrade the content to fit your company and state policies. After editing, use Template.net’s sharing options to get printable PDF copies or instantly send your document to your preferred recipients.