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How to Create an Acknowledgment Letter In Google Docs

An acknowledgment letter is a sort of letter written to acknowledge or to thank the efforts of an individual or an organization. This type of letter is also used for legal processes. To illustrate, if someone sent you an important written document and he/she is expecting a response from you, then it is your obligation to tell them that you know and you received the message he/she wanted to relay. In this article, we will show you steps and the basic elements needed to create an efficient acknowledgment letter with the help of Google Docs. Apart from that, we also have our sample letter templates that you can download or you can use as a guideline. Here's how to it:

1. Select a Template Online

If you want to have a guide or basis in writing your letter of acknowledgment, then you may refer to the sample letter templates here in our site. But if you want to save more time, feel free to download one and edit it with the assistance of Google Docs. Once you're done, let's proceed to step number two and we will discuss the basic elements that must be present in your letter.

2. State the Basic Elements

Just like any other letters, an acknowledgment letter must have: your name, date, and address and you must place it on the top right corner of the letter. Then, state the complete name of the person or the organization whom you are addressing it together with its corresponding address, and a formal opening greeting, like "Dear, Mr. Evans".

3. State the Letter's Body/Content

Now, this is the part where you need to point out what you will acknowledge. Again, start your letter with a formal greeting. Then it's up to you what are the things that you will point out in the body of your letter. But to give you an idea, an acknowledgment generally involves complaint letters, a follow-up, debt, donation, offer letter, gift, payment, project, resignation, pension, and much more. But, usually, an acknowledgment letter mostly consists of a receipt that is why sometimes they are called "Receipt Acknowledgement Letter". Now that we already gave you ideas about certain sorts of acknowledgment letters, then it is up to you to decide the things that you want to write.

4. Add the Closing Remarks

After all the significant information has been provided, the last thing you need to do is to add closing remarks in your letter template. Make sure that before you add the closing remarks, you clarify and stated the main points in your letter so that your recipient won't be confused about your content. Samples of closing remarks are "sincerely", "yours truly", "with appreciation", and a lot more.

5. Save and Print

Save immediately your output in your PC or other devices to avoid loss of information. Another thing to consider is to double-check if your content has proper grammar and correct usage of spellings. Remember that you are writing a professional business letter so you have to make sure that it has no rooms for errors. Once everything is set, print your letter in a high-quality or send it via email to your recipients.

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