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How To Create A Friendly Letter In Word

You can write a letter for multiple reasons formally or informally. However, you need to distinguish when to use either of them. If your intention in writing a letter is for the termination letter of someone, you need to write it in a formal way. On the other hand, if you want to catch up with a friend, peers, relatives, or anyone close to you, you can write it in an informal way.

If you intend to write for the latter reason, you'll need a friendly letter. With the rampant use of mobile phones, you can just quickly ring them up and talk to other people. Nonetheless, some still appreciate and like writing letters. Some people still appreciate the time and effort the other did to send him/her that letter. If you want to write one, certain elements need to be present in writing one. Check them out:

1. Microsoft Word

Writing a letter by hand can be tedious. If you make one mistake, you have to crumple the piece of paper and start from the beginning. You don't want that, do you? Why not create one on your computer. If you are a windows user, you might be familiar with Microsoft Word, a word-processing program. Writing your friendly letter in this program will make it easier for you. You won't have to start from the beginning when you make a mistake. You can erase and change it. Another benefit of using Word is that you are given a chance to print your letter or send it online.

2. Header

Just like any ordinary letter, you need to write a heading. The heading is always located on the top and the right side of the paper. The heading consists of the sender's address and the date. Even though this is an informal written document, it should still be completed.

3. Salutation

The next step is writing the salutation, or better known as a greeting. When writing a letter, whether it is for a job application or resignation, you need to write a salutation. The word "Dear" is the popularly used salutation. After the word "Dear" it is followed by the name of the addressee or pen pal. Since this is a friendly letter, use a comma. Formal letters sometimes use comma in the salutation, but most of the time, they use a colon when writing a letter.

4. Body

When writing a friendly letter, there are no rules to follow. You don't need to have a good reason to write one as well. It is just purely socializing with each other. It can be a short hi and hello, talk about memories, share feelings, or even gossip. Sometimes, a letter is a means of communication and keeping in touch with people you're close with.

Most of the time, people write a letter to wish them the best, to congratulate them for success, to say thank you, and to apologize. Also, don't forget to write a closing phrase where you wish for them to reply as soon as possible.

5. Closing

In most letters, like application letters and recommendation letters, you'll find a proper closing. A friendly letter may be written informally, however, your closing needs to sound respectful. Your closing can be "Sincerely," "Yours Sincerely," "With Love," "Regards," "Yours Truly," and "Best Wishes." The closing "Sincerely" is the most widely used by letters, whether formal or informal. Once you're done, save your file, print it (If you wish to do snail mail), and send it (online or via a post office).

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