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Marketing is at the heart of any business. Without it, there is no way for any business to get their products or services to the customers or target clients. Marketing involves different processes from research down to promotion and selling of the product or service. No profit can be made without sales as no sales can be made without marketing.

The following are the reasons why marketing holds key importance to any business:

  • Marketing creates the business image or brand. It aims to create awareness for your brand to the customers or target clients.

  • Development of your product is made possible through marketing efforts of making it rise above competition after results of surveys and product improvement.

  • Through marketing, products or services are taken from producer or manufacturer to consumers and clients. Marketing is the mover or catalyst taking the product to the target clients.

  • Communicating your product to your consumers or customers is another important role that marketing does. Marketing helps customers understand your product or service as well as what your company is about.

  • Relationships are built through marketing since it connects the seller to the buyer, helping to provide the need with the proper solution.

  • Marketing provides boost in sales and helps businesses achieve target profits for a defined time period.

  • By delivering on product promises in marketing campaigns, marketing creates trust in the brand and company. A good company reputation or identity is attained after successful marketing efforts or campaigns.

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