There are many different variations of mechanics out there--some special in aircraft maintenance, some focus on boat repairs, and others center around automotive production. But, no matter what your specialty may be, putting together a proper resume is always crucial for landing a job in mechanical services. So, allow us to lend you a hand with our 100% customizable Ready-Made Mechanic Resume Templates! Make your application look neat and impressive with our printable and easily-editable resume documents, compatible with Apple Pages. Plus, you have the convenience of picking between A4 and US letter sizes (+bleed) to work with! Download now and show employers just how qualified you are!

How to Make a Mechanic Resume in Apple Pages

The diverse field of the mechanic profession is fairly demanding of its workers for their ability to perform. And so, recruitment managers are going to be picky when reading through the applications of potential hires. That’s why it’s imperative to put in care and attention when creating your resume, as it acts as a sort of indirect introduction between you and an employer.

“I specialize in fixing boats, not writing content So, what should I do to make my resume look good?” you might ask. Well, that’s where we and our professional Ready-Made Mechanic Resume Templates come in! The sample documents we have up for offer are filled with premade content that acts as a layout guide and already covers plenty of what you’d normally have to write from scratch. And, we even have a comprehensive guide for you; just have a read through it down below.

1. Do Some Digging About Your Employer

Before putting together your resume, it pays to gather a bit of information about the company or organization that you’re applying to, as you might find stuff for key points to mention in your resume. A good way to start is by getting online and seeing if they’ve set up a website that you can look through, which should give you enough material to study. Otherwise, try finding info through outside sources (such as reviews, articles, magazines, etc).

2. Assess Yourself and Keep Your Words Concise

After making your choice from our collection of mechanic-centric resume templates, it’s time to get busy in Apple Pages. Since our resume designs already come sporting expertly-crafted layouts, there’s not really any hard editing that you need to do on your part, which lets you focus most of your time and effort into drafting what to actually say in the written content.

To start off, write an introduction. This is your chance to express confidence in your capabilities and your eagerness to start working right away. Though, try not to come off as smug or arrogant; otherwise, you’ll just seem very offputting for employers to deal with. This is also a good opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ve gained from researching the company, as it’ll show just how interested you are to do business with them.

It’s a given to state educational background, contact information, etc., but make sure that your qualifications are kept to whatever is relevant to what you’re applying for. Employers don’t need to know how good you are at baking if you’re looking to be a forklift technician.

3. Proofread and Rewrite

It’s important that you iron out any and all mistakes you might find in your resume’s initial draft. Even the smallest grammatical mistake could possibly cost you your chance. And don’t forget about keeping the content relevant to the job you’re trying to get.

Not everyone can come up with the fanciest things to say, and it tends to be more of an art form rather than a technical skill. So, it would be beneficial if you get a more-qualified friend to check how good your introduction sounds (along with the closing statement, if you decide to include it).

Also, remember to compose a cover letter to pair with your resume.

4. Get Ready for Your Interview

Once you’ve sent your resume, it’s a good idea to preemptively leave your schedule open for the probability of getting a call and/or an interview, even before getting a response to your application. It’s especially crucial to plan this ahead of time if you sent your resume to multiple employers at the same time and manage to get more than one of them interested.

With Apple Pages and our Ready-Made Mechanic Resume Templates, you can confidently show off how experienced you are in your field of expertise!

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