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How to Create a Media Kit?

how to create a media kit

A media kit, known by many as a press kit, contains a set of promotional materials and information about a company, business, events, and products. It is the best technique for effective communication and marketing strategy. Companies, organizations, or professionals use it to introduce themselves or while launching their new products and services. It helps them to avoid the threat of misinterpretation in media channels and papers. Even media people and journalists ask for such a document as it simplifies their story framing.

Whether you're a Youtuber, beauty blogger, influencer, professional photographer, or graphic designer, it's essential to have a media kit. A well-framed and holistically educational document encourages the journalist to frame positive stories on you. Good news and stories are the sources to cause the word of mouth and other promotions for your products and services. 

A useful press kit can be a result of how your creativity. How you frame it and what way you choose to establish your points, matters a lot. Follow the steps provided below on how you can create an attractive media kit.

1. Start with An Overview

Just like any document, your press kit should start with an overview. Your overview should have an introduction, mission, and vision, the date you started the business, company address, awards and achievements, and samples of your products or services. Your introduction and mission and vision should be short and simple, yet holds a very powerful message. For events purpose, don't forget to address the reason for the meeting or conference and what you aim or envision with the launched product or service.

2. Dedicate a space for you Contacts

The very reason why you create this kit is to gain more viewers, followers, or customers. But how will these people reach out to you if you don't provide your contact information? On this page, individuals should find your phone or cellphone number, website, and social media accounts. 

3. Introduce your Products or Services

The third part of your kit is marketing your business. Provide photos and a brief description of your products or services. Add testimonials from your current customers to entice customers from buying your products or availing services. For bloggers and influencers, on the other hand, talk about what you do and how you can influence the public.

4. Incorporate your Logo

How can you promote yourself or your company if you don't put in your logo? Incorporate your logo on your cover page and put it in a visible space. Make sure that the size is good enough for a person to see. 

5. Unleash your Creativity

Be creative with your layout to attract people. Add creative elements and use high-quality photos. It's best to use your company colors as your theme, so it's easy for the journalists and potential clients to identify your business. This way, you're designing and promoting at the same time. Entice people to read the contents with the use of calligraphy and by incorporating typography for your simple labels. 

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