How to Make Media Kits in Adobe Photoshop

A media kit is sometimes called a press kit. It is a set of promotional materials usually sent to the media to provide information regarding a person, a company, a business, a product, or an event. There’s nothing that distinguishes from one media kit to another; however, they have a common list of information that would help a journalist analyze the subject and feature it.

If you plan to create your own media kits using our ready media kits templates in all versions of Adobe Photoshop, simply consider these simple tips to start your work out:

1. Choose First a Template offers you a wide selection of document templates for business that you can freely use and customize. One of which are media kits templates that are made available and editable in Adobe Photoshop. In choosing a media kit template, consider if what you promoting is a person, a business, or a product. This would lead you to the right template you need.

2. Make a Checklist of Information

A checklist of information may include the backgrounder that summarizes the history of a particular individual or company. Aside from that, try to make a list of features, statistics, and benefits also regarding the subject.

3. Add Photos or Logos to Visualize

If you’re promoting a person, make sure to add photos of him/her for the media to identify. The same goes for promoting particular products or services. If it’s a company, incorporate a well-designed logo or other artwork that best describes and represents the company itself.

4. Other Interesting Facts

Journalists, both in print and social media, usually look for an interesting label of a product or a specific angle of an individual and a company. You can make the work less stressful and hassle for them if you already incorporated interesting stories, facts, or details regarding the subjects.

5. Incorporate a Press Release

A press release is often referred to as media release in which journalists will be able to know more information about an event, product, or company. A media release is an effective way of providing details, and the usual thing to consider when we speak of public relations. This media release can possibly be traced back through your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Or, it can also be through a blog like a travel blog, a business blog, etc. In this way, the media will be able to take note of the history of a media release about the subject for further reference.

6. Consider the Design

A well-designed media kit will surely attract more journalists. It may not be the most vital aspect of a media kit; however, an eye-catching media kit design could add flavor, and feed the curiosity of both print media and news media to read your story.

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