Music Event Flyer Publisher Templates

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Can you imagine life without music? Definitely, not! Music is part of our well-being. And if you are planning to host a music event in your town or somewhere else, promoting it is one of the tasks you will need to do. Check out our collections of Music Event Flyer Templates in Publisher, Word, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Pages. These professionally designed templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable in the file formats mentioned. You'll get files available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed print sizes. No matter what genre of music—be it jazz, rock, indie, gospel, and the like, you'll never regret this offer. What else are you waiting for? Make it the most memorable night for all the music lovers. Download now!

How to Make a Music Event Flyer in Publisher

Music is a powerful communication tool. It allows people to understand each other in the most unexplainable and extraordinary way. It touches the soul and releases emotions and desires that may be difficult to express using words. Music encompasses people in almost every day of their lives. According to Nielsen’s third annual Music 360, 93% of Americans spend more than 25 hours listening to their favorite tunes. With that, music is the top form of entertainment for almost all Americans. Moreover, 52% attend live music events per year. 

Along with its indisputable popularity, organizing music events have always been a trend. Promoting it seems like a daunting task yet satisfying when done correctly. In this short guide, we will present how to create a flyer that will help you advertise your music event.  

1. Compile All the Basic Details of the Music Event

First off, you need to write down all the essential details about the music event. This necessary information includes the title of the music event, name of the artists, venue, exact date and time, along with the contact details. For you not to miss out on any of these, it is safe to use a checklist

2. Create an Exciting Headline

Headlines are commonly the first phrase that readers would see. Thus, make one that will surely catch their attention. Make it clear and easy to grasp. Since you are making a music event flyer, your headline must give an exciting impression to the readers to watch your live music event. When making a headline for your modern flyer, consider the number of words. Just a tip, six words or less are ideal. Use fonts that will emphasize your message like Sans Serif can be a good start.

3. Incorporate Design Elements

Once you already came up with a headline and gathered all the needed details, you may start adding design elements. These include the layout, artworks, colors, and the like. Always remember to keep it simple. For instance, when creating a rock music event flyer, choose a simple yet elegant black background can make it look professional. 

4. Download a Suitable Ready-made Template

Planning the concept and crafting the designs can be a time-consuming process. If you want to get things done quickly, you may opt to download a suitable ready-made music event flyer. Check out music event flyer templates shown above. These templates are easy to edit and customize using Publisher to match your preferences. Microsoft Publisher is a software application that enables you to play with shapes, images, graphics, etc.

5. Print and Distribute

Finally, it's time to print your music event flyer. But before that, you need to review everything. Make sure it's error-free. Your goal is to deliver precise and complete details. Then, print it using high-quality and sturdy paper stock. Distribute the flyers in places where potential fans or attendees are located.