If you think about it, proposals serve one purpose: to convince your potential clients and investors that you’re the real deal. For most people, proposals should be as long as a business plan. But in reality, it shouldn’t be. What clients, investors, and other stakeholders need is a short document that gives them an overview of what your offer is all about.

Template.net’s One-Page proposal forms can help you prepare a short, concise, well-written, and winning proposal in no time! These templates will guide you in writing a professional and persuasive pitch that captures the essence of what you offer, how you address the challenges and your organizational culture.

You may include in your one-page proposal a brief explanation of your reasons for doing something and clearly demonstrate why the project is crucial to the business’ success. Also, include the benefits that clients will get if they invest in you. Keep in mind that investors must be convinced why they should allocate their resources such as time, money, and equipment to your project.

You don’t have to spend so much time drawing up proposals if you use Template.net’s One-Page forms. Find free proposal samples that you can personalize to fit your company or your client’s image. Modify its content according to what your plans are--it can be for a marketing strategy, sponsorship bids, or fundraising activities.

So, do away with a thick, lengthy piece of document. Instead, make a summary of your proposal. Unsure how to do it? Check out samples at Template.net.

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