Payment Vouchers Templates

Record Debit and Credit Payments Given To Vendors with Your Own Payment Vouchers. You can Create Them with's Free, Simple, and Printable Blank Payment Voucher Templates. Whether It’s Cash, Cheque, Salary Payslip, or Receipt, There Will Always be a Template for You! Available in Any File Format; Download Yours Today!See more

What is a Payment Voucher? 

A payment voucher is a record that works as proof of a monetary transaction between two parties. It can sometimes be used as playing the role of cash in a transaction, forming as a receipt, or indicating that a payment invoice has been issued.

How to Make a Payment Voucher 

People nowadays use more vouchers and coupons to lessen their hassle with their budget for shopping. According to Statista, 92% 5of U.S. consumers stated that they use coupons for shopping in 2019. So, therefore, you should make vouchers on your own to help you attract more customers to buy your products and avail of your services. To help you with that, below are a step-by-step guide and tips on how to make a payment voucher. 

1. Think of Ideas

Payment vouchers can be used for payment with a monetary value instead of paying with cash or used for receipt of a transaction. But it doesn't mean that you can create on your own to buy everything you want without any official monetary value. It needs the agreement of both parties, or if you own a business, it has to be used by the customers. Think of ideas that can be much effective to improve your business. 

2. Create the Layout

Start creating your layout as soon as you are done with contemplating ideas. If you don't have any idea how to create one, then you may opt to choose a blank template on our site. It is easier and more convenient for you to make since all you have to do is to change the details and edit the layout the way you like.

3. Fill with Texts

Fill it with texts as long as you are done with creating the layout. Include the names, amount, purpose of the transaction, and the dates. It's also a great thought to include in each voucher a different tracking number or serial number. In this way, it can avoid and prevent forgery and help track some errors that may come up during usage. This will become more important as the amount indicated on the vouchers become higher.

4. Design and Format

Consider designing and formatting your simple voucher. Designs can also help with the promotion of your business. Formatting also enables you to determine the details involved in the coupons. Choose the appropriate font style, size, and color. Do not overboard with designs, and it might ruin the primary purpose of the voucher. Basic designs will do. Make it simple but creative.

5. Print as Many as You Want.

Print your printable coupon after you are done customizing it. Always remember to approve and prove your vouchers are valid by putting up a seal. As much amount presented, the more secured your vouchers should be. Use it now to your potential contractors, or send it to people you want to help them avail of your unique products and services.