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How To Make A Call Report In Microsoft Word?

Call reports are not the most appealing document in business, but one of the most necessary that will skyrocket improve the sales of your marketing team. A useful call report are not about filling a form and compile it for bookkeeping, but above else must be helpful in your company. It requires gathering the right information about the call. Do you want to know what are call reports and how to make them? Well, discover more about it in this article.

1. Determine The Report Purpose

In the first place, you and your team must decide as to how will the reports be used. It can be a staple to your company that you are used in making call reports so it can be tedious and monotonous. To be motivated, you can make a simple outline as to how it will be used and how can it be improved. Then, you can now proceed to other tips.

2. Know The Person Whom You Are Talking To

To officially start your call report, you need to take note of who you are speaking with. With this, you can make a simple checklist out of those people, whether it is a client, returning client, or potential client. Jot down their complete information such as name, company's name, position, and address.

3. Write The Purpose Of The Call

After knowing the person, you need to take note of the purpose of the call. It is essential that you take note of the purpose of the call as you and your supervisor will likely evaluate whether you will consider a particular call a success or a flop. For example, if you wanted to make sales with the potential client, you need to indicate the purpose of the call for future reference to your call report.

4. Make An Outcome Checklist

After the last steps, you can now make an outcome checklist. You will now personally evaluate whether the call is successful or not. For instance, if you make sales by calling potential clients, then it is a successful call. Vice versa, if you are making a returning client return to your sales and do not respond, then the call is unsuccessful. But also there are instances wherein even though you did not successfully acquire a client, it is still considered as a success if a call takes place between you and the client.

5. Get Things Together

After these essential pieces of information, you can now add other supporting data. You can include as to what will be the right tone or mood of your voice if you are speaking to a specific client. It will be useful for future reference if you will make another transaction of that client. You now know as to how you will approach them. Then, get things together and put it into a document to produce a call report.

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