During a school's end of term, students are evaluated based on their final ratings and the results are typically written on a school report card. This is then used for future endeavors such as enrollment purposes when it's back to school time or employment purposes to those looking for a job. Here at Template.net, we've got a collection of ready-made school report templates in PDF to help you get started. These templates are easily editable and fully printable, they can even be downloaded anytime and anywhere. If you're a teacher and you need to create a school report card, save yourself a lot of time by downloading a report template instead.

How to Create School Reports in PDF

Stop worrying about having to create school reports and just refer to the step-by-step process below. Here, we'll help you create school reports in PDF that are sure to put into writing not only the student's grades but also their every achievement regardless of the level of education.

1. Decide on What Editing Tool to Use

For you to create a school report in PDF, you can use any word processor, desktop publishers, or graphics editor that you like and just export it to the corresponding file format. You can use applications such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, or Apple Pages, simply choose whichever is most convenient for you while allowing you to edit the layout without any restrictions.

2. Start a New Document and Insert a Table

After you've decided on an editing tool that works for you, open it and start a new project. From there, start setting up the layout by applying the necessary margins, choosing the fonts, selecting the paper size, and rotating the page to the desired orientation. And lastly, insert a blank chart or table with the right number of columns, rows, and cells or grids for the necessary content.

3. Add Details to Specific Sections in the Table

Once the layout for the report card has been set and the table has been inserted, you can add the initial content such as the subjects for the rows and the quarters for the columns. Whether or not you chose to use a preset in the previous step, always personalize your table because the number of subjects in high school is very likely to be different from the number of subjects in college.

4. Insert the School's Letterhead

Going back to the top half of the layout, it is important that you include a letterhead or at least something that bears the name and logo of the institution. This is not only for design purposes but is more on the school report card's identity and professionalism. A professional letterhead mainly serves to communicate or project the school's identity and will be used in associating the institution with the student or vice versa.

5. Write a Legend and its Corresponding Interpretations

Inside the cells of the table is where the grades will be written and this may be in the form of either a numerical value or a letter. In the case wherein letters are used, always make it a point to include a legend at the bottom of the report card with its corresponding meanings. These values and meanings will help the student keep track of their progress and determine whether or not they will need to improve.

6. Convert your Finished Work to PDF

Before doing this, set aside a few minutes to check your work to see if it needs further editing especially with regards to the layout. After doing so, convert your finished work to a fully printable file format such as PDF, EPS, GIF, or JPEG. Since you're creating a school project report which is something that's not heavy on the graphics, it might be best that you stick to the PDF file format, it's not only fully printable but also easily shareable.

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