How to Draft a Restaurant Agreement in Pages

According to National Statistics, there was an 84% growth in the number of middle-class employment in the restaurant business from 2010 to 2018. This was three times faster than in the whole economy. What could this mean to you? This means you’d be expecting to create an employment contract agreement along the way.

That’s apart from the growing sales of this industry which will prompt you to enter into a joint venture to make your business grow even more. That’s why we’ve created a guide to start writing an agreement.

1. Know the Parties Involved

Make sure to know who you’re dealing with. Ensure to assess the legal capacity of the person and that he or she has a vast interest in the business as much as you do. If you’re dealing with a corporate entity, make sure to write the legal name of the business.

2. Make It Simple But Detailed

Use sentences that can easily be understood. There’s no need to use legal jargon when writing a business agreement. You can still specify the rights and obligations of each party without using words that the reader would need a dictionary to grasp their meaning.

3. Include Dispute Resolution

This is an essential part of your agreement. You and your partner must agree on how to resolve a dispute so that there’s no need for you to go to court which is time-consuming and expensive.

4. Specify the Payment Method

Some disputes may arise from this aspect of your agreement. Make sure to specify who has payment obligations, amount to pay, payment options, where to pay, and how the obligee can pay.

5. Emphasize the Confidentiality of the Agreement

Include a stipulation that either party can not disclose any confidential or sensitive information to any third party. The sharing of such information, including your trade secrets, may put your business interest at risk.

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