How to Make a Restaurant Inventory in Apple Pages

The restaurant has all the necessary items to prepare dishes, provide services, and accommodate dine-in customers. Staff must have a regular inventory to optimize restaurant operations and cut some costs when needed. With that, you need a restaurant inventory that you can easily make in Apple Pages. Read our guide below in making one.

1. Make an Inventory Checklist

Open a new document in Apple Pages. Create a list of the restaurant's kitchen and non-kitchen items. Group them into categories. Make sure to separate the items that are regularly stocked and those that need to be replaced once broken or missing, such as chairs or tables.

2. Identify Numbers

Check your inventory stock for items that need to be filled with new supplies. Determine how many you should buy. Take note of the purchases and add descriptions of the inventory items as well. Input all of these on your inventory sheet.

3. Set Storage Limit

Know the minimum and maximum storage level at your restaurant to keep everything fresh and edible. You should also keep the restaurant kitchen, floor, warehouse, or storage area or room clean at all times. Make sure to keep everything tidy before stocking up additional items.

4. Do Inventory Constantly

As much as possible, have a daily inventory of your restaurant. Determine the items that are running out of stock, missing, broken, or wasted in one shift. This helps business owners and employees keep restaurant operations organized and steady.

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