How to Create a Restaurant Social Media Ad in Pages

Social media has brought a drastic change to our lives, both personally and professionally. It changed the way we communicate with our loved ones, as well as the way we promote our business. In fact, about 45% of the word’s population is engaged in social media according to Emarsys. With that being said, social media platforms are undeniably the best to use in your marketing campaigns.

Check out these steps we’ve compiled below on how you can create an effective social media campaign.

1. Choose a Platform

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter-these are just some of the social media platforms that you can use to promote your restaurant business. If you’re just starting out, you can start with Facebook since it’s the most used platform with its 2.5 billion users.

2. Create a Correct Profiling

Whatever platform you choose, creating proper profiling will be the initial task you need to do. And it’s not just a simple process. You have to make sure that when your target audience sees it, it will create a long-lasting impression. Write a description that can stirrup curiosity and interest.

3. Design Ads Using Pages

Your design will have an effect on your viewers or page visitors. A unique design will make a successful restaurant marketing strategy. Design your ads using Apple Pages. With its powerful feature, you can create high-quality promotional materials.

4. Choose Impressive Graphics and Layout

Use graphics and layout suitable for your restaurant. It can be for your various food offers, your Italian cuisine, lunch offers, and other delicious food on your menu including their prices. Create something that’s appropriate for your audience.

5. Upload and Share It to the Public

It’s time to let the public know about your restaurant and its unique offerings. So, upload your ad and let your target audience know your existence.

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