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How to Make a Restaurant Flyer in Apple Pages

The history of advertising records the first print ad in 1472--a handbill or a flyer advertising a prayer book in old England. Through centuries, it may have evolved to newspaper promotions, magazine pages, catalogs, mails, and brochures. Still, flyers remain to be a go-to marketing technique for both established brands and small to medium enterprises (SME).

1. Gather Details

Start by doing a little research. If you’re new to the flyer-making process, you might want to look up for some inspiration online. Although flyers are not exactly a foreign idea to anyone, scourging for techniques, poster designs, and tagline examples can help improve your output. While you’re at it, you can also snap a few photos of your menu and include them on the layout. Media files are great visual enhancers, especially if we’re talking about food.

2. Do a Draft

After collecting ideas for your flyer design, it’s time to apply them to your own. Generate your own content and do a rough layout of how you would arrange them on an actual flyer. Write your text according to its core subject. Do you want to introduce a new breakfast set? Advertise a buffet promo? Announce a grand opening? Depending on your purpose, determine the overall theme of your concept, whether you want it to be a minimal, modern, elegant, or a creative flyer. This will lead you to numerous format ideas.

3. Look for a Template

Now that you have your draft, you might think that it’s easy to put it together and make a flyer. Here’s the news: it’s not, especially if you’re going to use Apple Pages. The software is not built to bring out all your creative ideas. It’s capable of producing a decent flyer, but it won’t be able to develop an excellent outcome. A flyer template will help you do that. Not only does it offer you the best layout, but it also speeds up the process. Now all you need to do is to look for a template that closely resembles your draft and work from there. Our template selection are highly customizable for your use. Look them up!

4. Incorporate Personal Branding

Don’t hesitate to personalize your promotional template’s built-in layout. Don't be afraid to mess up the layers and the artworks. Templates come with scalable vectors to make any customization, whether for the headings or the format, conveniently possible. This feature is very evident on our templates, which allows you to make major alterations easily in just a few clicks. Make sure that your flyer embodies your brand by tweaking the colors, font styles, and designs.

5. Recheck Your Output

Always remember to check your output for corrections, how little they may seem. A single typo or grammatical error will surely throw off your customers. Also, failing to proofread your marketing flyer template may mislead your audience and create confusion or distrust.

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