How to Create a Restaurant Takeaway and Delivery Menu in Apple (MAC) Pages

According to Technomic's Generational report, 59% of people who pick delivery or takeout are the millennials. Today, a lot of people prefer delivery and takeaway because of their convenience. And to cater to your customers who prefer takeout and delivery, you need a menu. So, check out the tips to help you make your delivery and takeaway menu in your MacBook Pro.

1. Use Short Descriptions

Always remember that customers don't have all the time to read long menu descriptions, no matter how tempting they are. So, it's best to keep your restaurant menu descriptions short but enticing. You can hire a writer to write for you if you have a hard time.

2. Don't Highlight the Prices

Be wise in making your menu. Since most people order food because they fit their budget, sometimes your expensive meals go unnoticed. To avoid this, don't include dollar signs and don't use boldface for your prices.

3. Put Fewer Pictures

Although it may be tempting to put a lot of pictures, don't since adding too many pictures can confuse your customers. All you need is to pick the best food on your simple menu and take high-quality pictures of them.

4. Categorize the Menu

To make food ordering more convenient for your customers, you need to categorize your editable menu. Categorize them into bestsellers, beverages, food, desserts, appetizers, etc.

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