How to Make a Restaurant Survey in Apple Pages

According to an article from the National Restaurant Association (an organization for culinary business), patrons are more inclined to pay for their overall dining experience rather than the quality of the food itself. So, if you’re looking to maintain client satisfaction through this fact, then survey forms are a perfect fit for your needs. Plus, surveys are even useful for employee feedback, providing additional angles for improving your restaurant!

Whether you’re doing market research, promotion experiments, or breakfast food polls, surveys are invaluable for your restaurant’s growth. So, to help with your questionnaire creation, we’ve prepared several tips (below) on how to do so in Apple Pages.

1. Your Restaurant Survey’s Upper Segment

After opening a new blank document in Apple Pages, start by adding your business’s logo in one of the upper corners. Use an image file with good visual quality and resolution.

Next. write down your business’s name and the survey’s title. When creating the title, make it indicative of the document’s contents. For some examples to follow, there’s “Customer Service Improvement Survey” and “Demographic Dessert Preference Poll.”

2. Your Restaurant Survey’s Introduction

Before asking any questions, draft a brief introduction about the survey document. If you’re not sure what to write down, then simply talk about your business and explain the questionnaire’s purpose.

Some surveys ask for personal information while others don’t--it depends on what the restaurant needs. Such details are especially useful for getting a better understanding of specific demographics.

3. Preparing the Restaurant Survey’s Questions

First, decide on the answer mechanics used for your questions (essay, multiple-choice, etc.). If your survey needs more than one method, then separate them into different categories rather than mixing them all into a single list.

Then, provide instructions on how the questions are answered. Write them down clearly and be as detailed as needed. And, if you’re going with multiple categories, write down new instructions right above each list.

4. Make Your Restaurant Survey Look Neat

If you’re having trouble arranging your questions in an organized fashion, then write them down in a grid table. To add one, open the Table menu (above the page area) and pick your desired option.

Did you read through all of our tips? Just remember what you’ve learned and you’ll have no trouble creating new surveys! And if you need customizable content, then have a look at our Restaurant Survey Templates!

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