Restaurant operations are constantly hectic, especially during weekends and holidays. Managing them can be quite tiresome and difficult. However, being a human resource manager for a restaurant is another challenge. Each restaurant employee is valuable due to a restaurant operation's labor intensiveness. You have to establish certain policies and procedures to keep things in order. There are other things you need to prepare, such as HR documents. To ease your workload, take advantage of our 100% customizable Restaurant HR Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. With their help, the time you spend doing paperwork as a restaurant HR manager is lessened. We have a template for whatever type of document you need to make. Make things easy for yourself by downloading these templates now!     

How to Create a Restaurant HR Document in Apple (MAC) Pages

As conveyed by Ruth Mayhew in, your role as the human resource manager in a restaurant is highly valuable. The operations of a restaurant are fast-paced. The restaurant manager won't have any time to do recruitments, implement policies to the employee handbook, prepare payroll and timekeeping, establish the organizational structure and organizational hierarchy, etc. Those things are your responsibility. We understand that HR managers perform tons of paperwork. For that reason, we will show you our simple guide on how to create them easily in Apple (MAC) Pages.

1. Outline the HR Document

Before writing any formal document, such as the likes of HR documents, you must outline it first. In doing so, you can easily draft the contents of the document. The reason why you must do this is that HR documents contain important information that may affect the welfare of the restaurant. That said, you have to create a draft first instead of writing them directly without care.

2. Keep Things Straightforward

You don't have to impress the readers of an HR document with colorful words. It's not a poem or a literary piece of writing. Rather, it's a formal piece of writing. Be straightforward in conveying information. Use words that are formal, common, and easy to comprehend. If the HR document requires you to use jargon words in writing it, make sure to include a section explaining their meaning.

3. Utilizes Tables and Charts

For certain, part of your job as a restaurant HR manager is preparing work schedules, monitoring employee timekeeping records, calculating monthly payroll, checking employee grooming and hygiene, etc. For the corresponding documents of those workloads, they must have tables and charts. Those types of documents will contain numerical data and statistics that must be outlined. Checklist forms will also do for this matter.

4. Consult with the Manager

In cases when you're writing HR documents for policies and contracts, these are paperwork that requires collaboration with the restaurant manager. The restaurant manager must have a say in terms of formulating employee rules and regulations and negotiating contracts with external entities. He/She has a more in-depth perspective of the restaurant's day to day operations.

In addition, you must also work side by side with the restaurant manager in formulating employee handbooks and detailed job descriptions for every job title in the premises.

5. Avoid Artistic Designs

Keep in mind once again that HR documents are formal documents, they're not posters. With that in mind, their appearance or design layout must be from any form of artistry. The font styles of the texts must be simple ones, avoid those that are calligraphy-like. The background must be neat and clean, or better yet, just blank. What's important of HR documents are their content and valuable message. Creating HR documents doesn't need to be complicated. As much as possible, just keep things simple.

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