Restaurants have been around for ages and have been a part of our lives with or without any occasion. You can choose from diverse restaurants—Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or American restaurants, but one thing is for sure, these food establishments bind family through a hearty meal. With that, as a restaurant owner, it would be a fulfillment to provide comfort to your diners which you can do by presenting to them an appealing restaurant menu. Dare to make one with the use of our Restaurant Menu Templates in Apple Pages. Our templates are guaranteed to be easily editable and 100% customizable, and they come in a variety of sizes (A4 & US) for printing purposes. Download now and get your patrons to dine in your restaurant!

How to Create a Restaurant Menu in Apple Pages

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics has revealed, the average American spends around $3,100 annually to eat at restaurants. This directly translates that the restaurant industry is indeed a huge deal and would be considered a battlefield between different food establishments. Whatever meal your restaurant serves—breakfast, lunch, or dinner—a restaurant menu must be present at all times. It should be the first thing made available to your customers the moment they are accommodated, and you would want to leave a positive first impression to gain restaurant regulars. If these facts inspired you to create a restaurant menu, then keep scrolling to get some useful tips from us.

1. Use the Right Food Language

One way of reaching out to your customers is to talk through your words. With your food menu, you can incorporate food languages that would appeal not just to your customer's palate but also their eyes. Use catchy words such as creamy, rich, indulgence, and more to describe the dish. However, remember that it is also recommended to keep your descriptions brief to keep up with your customer's attention. Also, you can include other languages to benefit foreign patrons or customers. For instance, if you are making a Mexican restaurant menu, you may incorporate a translation to the listed dishes.

2. Brainstorm for Menu Design Ideas

The restaurant menu design plays a big role in the overall mood of your diners, so you need to ace your restaurant menu planner. There are several restaurant menu ideas that you can make to suit your restaurant's theme—simple, modern, or elegant. Afterward, consider the spacing and margin of the typography. You need to incorporate enough space to your menu's layout to encourage customers to focus on the dishes instead of the prices. Remember, it's how the dish is priced that's important and not the price itself.

3. Mark It with Your Brand

Aside from giving clear descriptions of your dishes, a menu can be a costless marketing tool as you can establish your brand with it. As studies shows, an average diner scans a menu for 109 seconds. You can make this even more remarkable by incorporating your personal touch to the design. For example, if you present your creative menu to your patrons, you can include your logo and your restaurant's brief history for information purposes. Many people might see this as useless, but it can actually make your restaurant more memorable.

4. Know the Right Use of Images

As the saying goes, a single picture can paint a thousand words, and a restaurant menu is no exception. Get to play with the element of imagery by inserting eye-catching images into your food menu that would appeal to your customers. Also, make sure to use high-resolution images because pixelated ones are never appreciable. Lastly, try to highlight the best-selling products of your restaurant by using images that are larger and more vibrant than the others.

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