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How to Make a Restaurant Voucher for Pages?

A restaurant food voucher is a customized gift card where people can redeem discounts on a particular food item. It is used by restaurants to market their menu and allow people to a tremendous ergonomic experience.

1. Objective

Giving out restaurant lunch or dinner vouchers should have a purpose. When you are new to the industry and only have a vague idea of how promotions work, then you can study the process of marketing. If you have marketing professionals hired for the job, then sit down with them to discuss using vouchers to introduce people to your restaurant. Address your concerns at this stage because whatever you've come up with will help you make your voucher. Here, you will determine how customers could avail of the sample vouchers, what menu items they could try, and how you can get the right amount of profit from it.

2. Design

After brainstorming and discussions, you are probably ready to start your restaurant vouchers. If you are saving up and you have no desire to hire a graphic designer, then you need to find an online editor to do the task. Apple Pages is one of the best editors out there, and what's more, they have predesigned templates that you may find to your taste. When choosing a color for your restaurant meal voucher, it would be best to find ones that will suit the whole ambiance of your place. You can go for the classy fiery red when you're a hotel restaurant or for events like Christmas and Valentine's. Buffet and fine dining restaurants would look great together with a speck of gold and silver. Put colors appropriately to match the appearance of your restaurant.

3. Photos

There's no question about it: a picture of the best food in town will always get you a customer! Make it your business to have the sumptuous item on your menu, the front liner in your voucher. If you're doing the voucher as a discount coupon for birthday celebrants, why not put your best selling cake on them? Do you know that pictures trigger other senses? So, when you put that nicely grilled BBQ in the voucher, people are already expecting how it would taste! Visuals are always a plus, so work hard on that.

4. Discounts and Offers

You should plan your discount coupons carefully. Think about why you're giving your customers the privilege of vouchers. Offer your customers free drinks when they avail of dinner. Alternatively, a free cup of yogurt works when they purchase take-out meals from your restaurant. Besides, a free appetizer before a family meal is much appreciated. Put the time, though, when they could use the single voucher and the date or year of its expiration.

5. Codes

To track your progress and sales, generate codes for your coupons. In the form of QR codes, barcodes, or voucher numbers, you will see in your system whether a customer uses their vouchers and the expired ones.

6. Print and Dispense

If you did all the steps above and made your voucher, you are now ready to print. Find the right size for your voucher and the suitable materials where you can print it. It would be best if you gave it a fantastic finish. A shiny, glossy, or beautifully-printed vouchers will add excitement for people to try your restaurant. Now that it is ready for dispensing, you can opt to give it to a handful of people as a trial or have your customers buy it as a gift. Or apart from following these steps, have a look at our restaurant templates in Apple Pages. Check them out and pick the best for your requirements.

At, we have experts who research your several requirements and then prepare products accordingly. What are you waiting for then? Stop bothering yourself with such tasks and focus on your restaurant sales operations with our vouchers.

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