How to Create a Restaurant Business Plan in Pages

A study from Ohio State Univesity shows that 60% of restaurants fail to make it past the first year, and 80% of them do not even go higher than five years. These statistics are pretty scary if you ask us, especially for those people who are just starting to put up a restaurant or a fast-food chain.

However, you have nothing to be afraid of if you have a well-laid-out plan and be like a soldier ready for a battle. Read below the steps on how to create a comprehensive business plan for your new restaurant.

1. Do Your Research

Before you start taking action, it’s your responsibility to know what you’re getting into. You have to conduct comprehensive research regarding the current trends in the restaurant or food industry.

2. Make Use of Available Templates Online

Ready-made sample business plan templates are already packed with sample content that you can take advantage of. Because of that, they can assist you in producing a business plan that has all the needed inclusions. For Apple users, Apple Pages is the most suitable software to use for creating a simple business plan; be sure to use it to open the template and open make any edits that you need to.

3. Specify the Purpose of Your Plan

If you decide to make a business plan from scratch, then one of the important things that you should be doing is determining the purpose of your restaurant business plan and the direction that you want it to go. Define your goals and objectives and the means by which you are going to achieve them.

4. Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

Your business plan should incorporate a strategic marketing plan because this will be your key to introducing your business to your target audience. Show who your target audience is and what efforts will be done in order to attract and keep them in your restaurant.

5 Project Income and Expenses.

Those who are going to invest in your restaurant will want to know how much it can potentially earn. Point out how much it'll take to start your restaurant, the projected amount of income it's going to make, and the expenses that must be made in order to run your restaurant's operations.

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