How to Create a Restaurant Form in Apple Pages

Writing forms for your restaurant may not be your favorite thing to do. But, it’s a vital aspect of your business. With the use of your Apple device and a suitable restaurant template, you can easily design various forms in any version of Apple Pages.

Did you know that one of the reasons a restaurant fails is because of its disorganization? And these forms can affect how you organize your restaurant stuff. You don’t want your dream business to fail, right? Who would want to?

Therefore, you need to continue reading if you want to create a restaurant reservation, feedback, or any other forms the right way.

1. Know the Form

It’s like meeting a new person that you need to introduce yourself first before you decide if you two will click. It’s essential to make yourself acquainted with what the form is all about. By doing that, you will know what to include and exclude when you start making one. And you will avoid interchanging them. You can’t mix up the inventory and interview form.

2. Choose the Layout or Structure

Ever watch the hit movie Cheaper by the Dozen? That’s totally a disaster house with all the children running around. And they’re all over you! Same with your restaurant forms. Forms have many looks. And they can be confusing. Although they share the same purpose, which is to gather information, you need to make a distinction with their layout to pinpoint which is which.

Make a creative twist if you’re tired of the usual and plain look of those forms. Just make sure it’s suitable for the form.

3. Decide on the Inclusions

Very self-explanatory. However, some still miss the importance of the inclusions of forms. You don’t want to be one of them. So, ensure to outline the inclusions of your form if you want it to live according to its purpose and get your desired result.

The inclusion is also the most important part of the form. It’s the heart of the whole form, so to speak. Hence, you have to be mindful if you don’t want to miss anything vital on that employment or job application form you’re drafting.

4. Pick the Right Font

Some may overlook how the fonts affect the readability of a document. Again, you don’t want to be one of them. In order to create an effective form, you have to take notice of its visuals. And fonts play an important role in that. Think about using a spooky font when you write “I will find you, my love” compared to using a cute font. It’s the same meaning, yet can generate different feelings.

5. Limit the Number of Pages

Forms are supposed to be readable and easy to fill up. It should never be lengthy. Imagine answering a 10-paged customer feedback or survey form? Will you be happy? So, if you ask too much in person, avoid doing that in your forms. Keep it short, just enough to gather the right data you need.

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