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How To Create A Resume Format in Microsoft Word

A resume is a document that presents the following personal information of a job seeker to be qualified for the specific job where they are interested in working. It is a written compilation of the applicant's background to showcase his or her self into the company's employer. One of the resume statistics that job seekers must know is that 40% of employers spend less than a minute reviewing a resume, that is why a resume must be established in full detail, however not long enough to exhaust the employer. A resume can be used whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional who are seeking a new career path.

A resume is much more than a job application; it is an excellent public relations tool that is being used to communicate with employers. Whether you wanted to apply for a beginner's job position or to apply for a more challenging position such as a senior executive or a graphic designer, then you must need an impressive resume format for you to submit to your target employers. For you to be guided, we have provided you some step-by-step instructions on how to create a resume format in Microsoft Word.

1. Choose Resume Template

Making your resume is like filling up an autograph book. Use an online resume template to make things more convenient and more efficient. Most of the sample resume templates that you can find online are already pre-designed with suggestive texts, design layout, graphics, images, and others. It would be so much easier for you to customize these templates according to your preferences.

2. Supply the Template with Your Personal and Educational Background

Now that you have a pre-designed template, you can finally start writing down the complete details of your necessary information by using Microsoft Word. A detailed resume interests the employer, and there's a better chance for you to get invited for an interview. Do not forget to put your educational background in detail as well, most notably when you have received any awards. Always bear in mind that you must only include the following relevant information for a basic job resume.

3. Showcase Your Job Experiences and Skills

The resume does not only reveal your personal information and educational background, but it also conveys your attitude as an employee and the following skills that you can contribute to the company. As you state your job experiences, you have to be truthful with the following details, and elaborate on the employment years as well as your job position. Also, enumerate the functional skills that can be applied in the company. For instance, if you are aiming to apply for an officer position, you have to make sure that your officer resume will impress the employer.

4. Do Not Forget to Include a Professionally-Taken Photo

Pictures are one of the top priorities that most employers would look into your resume. Even if it is a simple resume, it wouldn't be complete without the best professionally-taken photo. Include a well-taken picture of yours into your resume and make sure that you wear a decent formal attire in your photo. The photo must also be taken in a clear background. Most importantly, show your best smile.

5. Print It Out

Now that your printable resume is ready, the last thing that you must do is prepare the following materials for printing such as printer and high-quality A4 paper. Have a print preview to make sure that your resume format is not disrupted before printing it out for your final output.

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