Most people would agree that retirement is a life-changing stage of anyone’s life. You’ll have the time of your life for friends, family, and leisure. However, there are also finances that you have to look into. But instead of dwelling on the negativity, why not celebrate this new journey you are about to take? Gather your friends, co-workers, and family around by sending off event cards. With our Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Retirement Invitation Templates in MS Word, having the intimacy of this momentous occasion is possible. Other than that, you can download these templates in 4x6 Inches and 5x7 Inches + Bleed. So, plan today and celebrate this new leap. Download a template today! 

How to Make a Retirement Invitation in Microsoft Word

Are you ready to face a new journey of retirement stage? According to the survey released by the Federal Reserve System, a crisis happens to 31% of Americans due to no savings before retirement. Retirement is fun, exciting, yet frustrating all at once. For some, retirement may be the best time to finally have the luxury of time to relax. But it could be different for others. Either way, there are no excuses as we will eventually come to that moment. So, celebrate this phase of your life with a grand retirement party together with some co-workers, friends, and families. Invite people to come over and celebrate a farewell surprise with you or a retiring loved one. Make it more formal or elegant by sending off an announcement through cards. Below are tips we provide to help you create a Retirement Invitation in Microsoft Word.

1. Think of a Theme

Take control of the creative structure of your event invitation. But first things first, always start by deciding on a theme. In terms of designs and messages, you must have a guide that will maintain your invitation’s consistency. If it is taking you some time to come up with a theme, there are retirement invitation ideas you can look through online. Or, you can get the idea of the job you or a retiree is retiring from. For example, when retiring from a pilot job, use some aeronautical elements, and add them to your card.

2. Decide on an Invitation Template

Now, get ready for the visuals. You must have a layout to work on. Generally, it's your choice to decide how you will start. But if you wish to finish as soon as possible, will a readily available template help? Of course it does. Not only will it serve as a guide, but it also saves you more time. Our website offers a wide array of Retirement Invitation Templates you can customize. Do this by downloading the template. Have the convenience in going to you downloads folder. Open it with MS Word application. A new document will appear. Now, start editing it.

3. Add the Invitation Text

Inform everyone what, when, and where by adding the necessary details in the front cover. Know the exact details if it will be a dinner celebration. And if so, assess if the celebration is on your residence? Remember, the information must be the highlight of your card. After all, that is the purpose of sending off a lunch or dinner invitation. So to do this appropriately, finalize your messages. Make sure it avoids wordiness. As most people avoid reading lengthy descriptions, you’ll have to keep the details short and accurate.

4. Incorporate Decorative Elements

For the sole purpose of retirement celebration, making a simple invitation is good enough. However, whenever you want to add decorative elements to make it more fun and exciting for the attendees, then you can. The colors get everyone’s approval. Other than that, it could create a whole new difference too. So, make sure your color scheme matches your theme. You can use hints of colors gold or even blue. Or, use the retiree’s favorite color then.

5. Finalize, Assemble and Send It

Now for the final step, finalize everything. Go through every detail and modify whatever you have to. Consider its readability and formality. Your invitation must contain final and complete information. Assemble it with an envelope. Now, send them off to your expected guests.

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