Get to make a formal and effective proposal letter to do a project, write a paper, or a proposition of cooperation between companies. Often used by individuals who are asking for support from an organization, academic institution, or company. Choose from our wide variety of premium proposal letter templates that you can download for free. These are ready-made and easy to use. They are also professionally made and high-quality. Print-ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. Easily editable and fully customizable in all versions of Microsoft Word (.doc), Apple Pages and Google Docs. Save the downloaded file on your PC or mobile device.

A proposal letter is a letter which is presented by a group or individual in order to request that a certain business venture, or loan may be granted to the person proposing. Examples of proposal letters are: Sales proposals, grant proposals, design proposal, marketing proposal; etc. Here are some tips you can use when creating these letters:

  • The content of your proposal would rely on the type of proposal you wish to make. For instance, if you decide to create a business proposal you need to first state its purpose or intent, and the goals that you wish to achieve through your presentation.

  • Then you discuss the company or team that you are representing.

  • Make the cover letter presentable, clean and straight to the point.

  • Describe the amount that you need.

  • Present a break down of how the money would be used.

  • Alway provide additional details.

  • Give them a summary of your marketing plan

  • Include synopsis. This gives the reader a quick overview or summary of the proposal you make.

We all want our ideas to be heard, which is what a proposal letter normally does. It’s a piece of paper that you work hard to do tons of research on. A letter as special as this needs to be placed on a template that’s just as special.

By using our proposal template, you are guaranteed to have an easy time creating your proposal letter. It’s simple, downloadable and editable; With eye-catching images in 300 dpi resolution for beautiful layouts that are bound to give your proposals the attention it deserves. Printable high quality formats that are designed to be customizable to fit your personal and business tastes, and professionally made to help you sell more, earn more and just be generally creative with personal templates. Visit our site at and check out all the templates that you need now.

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