How to Create a Cleaning Schedule Microsoft Excel

Admit it! It's not that we're lazy. But sometimes, cleaning the house is pretty much challenging to insert on our routines, especially if we have busy schedules ahead of us. But after all, it is all about the appropriate time management, right? If you think that your house or your restaurant needs to be cleaned but you don't know how to organize your time, then continue reading the rest of this article for we will show you how to create an efficient cleaning schedule with the help of Microsoft Excel. We also have our templates above that you can refer to as a guideline. Read and follow each step thoroughly. Here's how:

1. Decide Where You Will Use it

Cleaning schedules are not just intended for our household. This specific type of schedule can also be made for a larger group or establishments such as restaurants, offices, churches, schools, and others. For larger establishments, the tasks are usually assigned based on the gender or the sort of assignment that exists. Meanwhile, for our house cleaning, it is more about the duties of a particular individual he/she can execute. Decide now so that you can proceed already to step two.

2. Plot an Outline

Plan the set of assignments on a sheet of paper before you state them on the actual schedule template. Determine whether you are going to plot the monthly schedule, the hourly, or the daily cleaning basis. You need to plan this one properly because this is the most integral part that must be seen in your schedule.

3. Create a Checklist or a Table

Make use of charts and tables as you create your cleaning schedule. Why? That is because with the help of charts, you can easily distinguish distinct categories of texts plus it can easily be understood. But if you don't want to use charts nor tables for your schedule, then you may opt to use a cleaning checklist instead.

4. Open Microsoft Excel

You might be wondering what Microsoft Excel is. Well, MS Excel is a spreadsheet program widely-used by professionals to create grids, texts, and numbers easily. Which is why if you want to use charts or a checklist for your cleaning schedule, then we highly recommend you to use MS Excel for it has tools and features that are easy to understand. We guarantee you an incredible output at the end of the day thanks to MS Excel.

5. Save and Print

Make a preview before printing your template to avoid re-printing it all over again. Check whether your designs are pleasing for the eyes and whether it is fully efficient. For high-quality printing, print your template using laser printing and use thick paper stock so that your sheet will look more durable.

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