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What Is a Maintenance Schedule?

A maintenance schedule is widely defined as an important inspection, preventive, and repair program plan that is used for keeping track of the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly schedule of the maintenance done. The maintenance schedule is usually used by clients with offices, restaurants, buildings, or homes that are huge and in need of frequent maintenance.

A preventive maintenance worksheet helps a person maintain an efficient and profitable flow of inspection and repair work and also informs how the work is progressing. A maintenance schedule also acts as an analysis report. It assesses the work to be done, the materials used, and the problems to be addressed. For instance, in a Branz maintenance schedule, the checklist includes the condition of building elements every year such as roofs, walls, etc. Start now and organize that maintenance schedule program plan!

How to Create a Maintenance Schedule in Word

1. What Is the Project Plan?

Before you start creating any maintenance schedules or procedure plans, it is a priority to establish who will be part of the preventive maintenance program plan. The likely options or choices will include maintenance managers, maintenance repairpersons, and people who deal with finance, but these options are not standard for these depend upon the size of the area to be given maintenance and also the budget. When looking for staff members, you must assess if these people are professional and will heavily invest in the project so the maintenance plan will be successful.

The last thing you need to consider is the project plan's end goal. Think and brainstorm with your staff the possible goal that you all want to happen when doing the project. Determining the end goal helps the maintenance plan stay on that path. For instance, when dealing with homes, you might draft a goal that rain won't seep through the roof and drip into the house's interior part or when dealing with vehicles, you might imagine doing a maintenance plan to check the car's engine condition.

2. Inventory Materials and Equipment

The next part of the plan you must observe is the most time-consuming aspect of a preventive maintenance program, which is creating an inventory checklist of all needed materials and equipment. Even if the task takes up a lot of time and is very tedious, it is still a critical part of the project as it helps ensure that the inspection is done routinely and orderly on important operational equipment or certain prioritized materials. Take note of an equipment's model, serial numbers, specifications, asset identification number, and its current condition.

3. Create Preventive Maintenance Procedures and Schedules

Once an inventory list of materials and equipment have been made, the next thing you must do is create a plan or give tasks required to maintain each of the equipment frequently. You can have a yearly, monthly, or weekly schedule. Address the different scheduling scenarios—the client, the staff members, and the condition of the equipment—while also estimating the amount of time needed for the procedure. Have a backup procedure plan when the first procedure fails. You must also determine which task is to be highly prioritized so the person designated for the task knows how much time he or she will invest in the job.

4. Review and Edit the Procedure Plan

Everything will go wrong if you missed an error when making the preventive maintenance procedure program so do a review, and when the need arises, edit the whole thing over again. Review the document as many times as you want until it is ready for usage.