What Is an Attendance Sheet?

Human life is short and fleeting, and our only way to solving this existential crisis is to keep a record of our existence. Sheets, especially attendance documents, act as a way of recording or archiving human existence and keep them immortalized. These sheet documents help make us feel like we can continue to live on.

Schools and companies are very attentive to the presence of the people inside their buildings. It concerns them if absences occur a lot as it affects not only their status but also the well-being of the concerned persons. According to a study, more than 8 million students are academically at risk due to being constantly absent. Only with the help of attendance sheets can organizations and companies be able to know that problems like these are much occurring.

How to Create an Attendance Sheet in Excel

1. Tables Help You Find Your Path

The first thing you must do when creating an attendance sheet is simply to create a table. Tables help you make the simple list. You will know where to place the names and the other details once you have created a table. It can be a simple table or an elegant one with fancy borders. Try not to make the table and its borders too colorful though. The goal of the table is merely to organize a list, not to be flashy. What you can do with the borders is either to give it a single dark color and choose whether the borders may be thick or thin. A table presentation still matters too. If you are too tired or lazy to create a table, you can always use templates—sheet templates, to be exact.

2. Remember the Names

People are very particular with their names. It is said a name is a powerful identity mark. It conveys a person’s whole being that includes their character, emotions, ideas, beliefs, etc. With this in mind, write the names properly. Whether it may be an attendance sheet or a progress report for employees or students, you must always write the names properly and correctly. Writing a name incorrectly feels like mocking the owner and his character before even knowing them, so be mindful when writing down a name.

3. Time In and Out

It is said that time is the best determiner or proof of one’s existence. Time gives legitimacy to a person’s presence, in any event, occasion, or any happening. Without time, man does not exist. Recording a person’s time in and time out matters that much, especially in daily reports and attendance sheets, so when creating a table, you must give two columns or spaces for a person to input the time they came in and also a space for them to input the time they finish or go out of the event.

4. Leave a Signature

Man is known to fear being forgotten, so man looks for a way to be remembered even after he is gone. A man writes books, paints, creates music, and invents things. Even naming animals, a man leaves his last name to an animal to be remembered. There are still various ways for a man to leave a mark. One of the ways is for a man leaving his signature in many documents or sample forms. Leave another space or column for people to place their signatures. A signature is also a form of confirmation that he or she agrees to what happens in the event. Remember these things and you will do fine when creating an attendance sheet.

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