Rate sheets are used for a number of reasons. But ultimately, rate sheets are made as guides or benchmarks in setting specific rates or charges be it for any work done or for product specific pricing. Business is after all ultimately about money or pricing. Pricing your product or service right to make it competitive enough but fairly well to get profit is a challenge for every business.

Rate sheets are considered as important tools in assessing the real value or price of a certain product or service in accordance with the competition or other sources. Some businesses use rate sheets to assess the selling price of an investment or just as a basis to know the increase in value or improvement of a product or service. They can also be used as a method in displaying the different rates that they provide in conjunction with the related services and other inclusions.

While rate sheets vary in their uses, they are widely used in the following industry examples which can also be downloaded for free here at Template.net:

  • Services Rate Sheet - Contains sample service charges for a chosen market or industry. Seen on the site are the Advertising rate sheet template, Freelance rate sheet template, Employee rate sheet template, Engineering services rate sheet template, and others.

  • Product Rate Sheet - Records rates for any product used by lending or financial institutions. This includes interest rates, terms, percentage yields, etc.

There is no doubt that rate sheets play a crucial role in determining and presenting prices to your clients. Template.net offer fully customizable rate sheet samples for any kind of industry. All our rate sheets are made in complete business sets to provide businesses with all the content needed to produce professional-quality rate sheets that are effective as well. Download any file for free at any time and anywhere and be amazed at the convenience and ease of making your very own rate sheets.

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