What Is a Sign-Up Sheet?

A sign-up or sign-in sheet is a sheet used to record attendance at any event. Attendees are asked to provide their names, contact details, and other related information. This is for the organizers to contact the same individuals for future events and offers. The list can also be used for gathering feedback and mailing lists. Other attendees might have second thoughts about signing up to avoid being annoyed. That's why the people in-charge offer freebies to encourage individuals to sign up. Sign-up sheets are commonly seen at conferences, orientations, monthly employee training, and appointments.

In free events, event organizers expect a dropout rate of 50%. Coffee and snacks are proven to increase attendees in an activity. This is due to a person's mentality that an added value such as free food or beverage should be taken advantage of.

How to Create a Sign-Up Sheet

A sign-up sheet is a blank table that asks for the name, contact details, and other related information from the attendees of an affair. To create one, go over our suggestions below.

1. Download our Sign-Up Sheet Templates

For your convenience download our sign-up sheet templates here at Template.net. Our models are free for your consumption. So, no need to worry about paying for one. With its fully customizable colors, suggestive headings, and fonts, you'll never have to worry about being constrained with our default settings.

2. Avoid Putting Too Many Columns

Sign-up or sign-in sheet templates should be easy for the eyes. Avoid putting too many columns because it can discourage individuals from signing up. Provide only the critical ones such as the name, contact number, signature, email address, and home address. Also, for every information, separate it with a column.

3. Use a Readable Font

Since signing up may take time, make it convenient for them by creating the fonts as readable as possible. Fonts such as Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman can make your information legible. As part of the organizing team, you have to make sure signing up is convenient for your attendees. This is especially important when making attendance sign-up sheets or log sheets.

4. Emphasize the Format

When gathering the information, one common dilemma for the event staff is discovering that the last names come first and vice versa. To avoid confusion for both you and the attendees, emphasize which comes first. You can enclose this in parenthesis on your attendance sheets or sign-up forms.

5. Provide Incentive as Motivation

To motivate your attendees to sign up, provide incentives. These may come in the form of tumblers, fans, pens, etc. Or, you may even offer discount vouchers or coupons. Attendees are not one to pass up an offer.

6. Ask for Confirmation If They Agree to Be in the Mailing List

The last thing a person wants is a hidden agenda. If you are going to include the people in this sheet in your mailing list, make sure to let them know beforehand. This is to let them know that they are expecting a text or an email newsletter from a staff organizer. As a person in charge of signing up, it pays to be transparent.

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