How to Create a Simple Calendar in Google Docs

Nowadays, the presence of simple calendars are limited and overstepped by the age of smartphones and other technologies. Based on the article stated in Cornerstone University, a simple calendar lets you quickly indicate when you are accessible and determine if you have leading up responsibilities. With the great opportunity of recognizing your date availability, preparing activities or other specific occasions may become significantly more manageable for you.

Aside from presenting some calendar templates, we also compiled some essential guidelines that will guide you on how to create a simple calendar. Study and follow these steps below.

1. Plan and List Down the Following Tasks

When designing any planning calendar, you must first schedule and list down the significant tasks that you must be accomplished in the coming year before you carry on making the calendar layout. Doing this process also includes holding a general meeting with the other members to ensure smooth functions and avoidance of scheduling conflict between people.

2. Establish the Calendar Design

Now that you've organized the tasks that you are going to accomplish, you can now start creating a weekly calendar or yearly calendar, depends on your choice. Creating a calendar can be a daunting process if you do it manually and have no designing experience. To avoid the cost of making your layout, you can opt to use a calendar template if you like.

3. Organize the Tasks in the Calendar

If your templates or layout is already set, the lists of tasks that you've organized earlier can now be inserted and incorporated into the calendar layout. A variety of calendar templates are already beautifully designed and are conveniently editable, such as appointment calendar templates.

4. Let the Other People Evaluate the Output

Now, present your current results to a small group of people before you can move to the final stage, which is to print the editable calendar out. This way, you will collect feedback and new knowledge on how to enhance the layout of your calendar. This phase is particularly crucial if you are creating an event calendar for a specific organization.

5. Print It Out

You can now imprint your calendars in the final stage. If you're considering sending out an enormous amount of calendars, we recommend you find an excellent printing service that can match your needs. Furthermore, if you don't intend to give out a large number of copies, you can print this on your own.

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