Fostering one's talent in soccer sports is upon every coach. Once in awhile, recognizing their capabilities and improvement as a player would instill confidence. Thus, results in the strengthening of individual's contribution to the success of the team. Giving a certificate is a perfect tool to acknowledge their contributions. Hence, here are some professionally made Soccer Certificate Templates in Microsoft Word, printable in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed sample sizes. Formulate words of praise for your players by downloading these templates now!

How to Make a Soccer Certificate in Microsoft Word

Soccer started way back 2000 years ago. Nowadays, one of the significant sports in the world, continuously increasing—both in participation and interest— even in the United States. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, approximately 265 million people officially play soccer. When estimated with other unofficial forms of the sport, that would be around 3.5 billion people who actively enjoy soccer worldwide, which constitutes half of the world's population.

Award your team with a modern certificate to boost their performance. Here are some tips you can follow:

1. Plan for a Draft

A planned certificate can never go wrong because preparation covers the steps in the process. Unlike other sports, soccer has no seasons, so it's a never-ending sport with different events such as league season, a league cup, a club championship, and international competitions. So before crafting, you should identify the purpose of your basic certificate. Please take note that a document does not need to be that plain, so you can opt to plan for its design, associating different figures that match within the league.

2. Make Use of Digital Devices

Handmade certificates consume much of your time, especially when you need to make a lot, and sometimes, this limits us to use the traditional layout of a certificate. Fortunately, we are now in the digital age, where we can now use devices to make a certificate — thus allowing us to make a bunch of documents efficiently and effectively in less time. Plus, digitally created certificates are well structuralized in terms of layout, for you can opt to have designs quickly retaining the basic structure of a printable certificate.

3. Select a Template

If you are using software such as Microsoft Word, take it as a suggestion to use a template for quicker and hassle-free work. Although you can start from scratch and personalize a certificate, templates are way more convenient and do not limit your freedom to make the certificate with your touch. For the choice of model, you can consider the color of the team, and afterward, insert the logo of the association for the official identification.

4. Edit the Content

The content is the meat of your certificate, so you should exert a great effort in formulating the words using the template you have chosen. Start by the essential part of the editing process, which is the placing of the recipient's name, which should be centralized. Customize the title by whatever kind of soccer certification you choose to give—soccer participation, MVP of the season, appreciation certificate, or a membership certification—it would surely leave a mark on the player's heart. Include the statement of accreditation with the time and date given. Make sure to adjust the fonts of each part of the certificate to indicate emphasis and clarity.

5. Print and Seal the Certificate

After all the touches, maintain an aesthetic quality for your certificate by using a professional printer and paper stock such as parchment, linen, granite, or laid for these are durable—last for a decade. After printing, seal the achievement certificate, making it valuable and worth authentic.

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