Budgeting is always a pain in the head for every startup company and organization. Having to separate a budget for resources, labor, and legal papers is not easy. In fact, according to a 2016 article published by Small Business Trends, 61% of small businesses didn’t keep a record of their budget spreadsheets. This will result in financial consequences, such as debt and low income. So, if you want your startup to compete with other businesses but you don’t know where to begin outlining your first-year expense breakdown, allow us to help you with our easily downloadable startup budget templates that are available in Excel.

Since a budget contains different parts in one layout, including the income, fixed expenses, flexible expenses, and savings, this can keep you problematic. Moreso, plotting the amount and items can be chaotic. But downloading our professionally-made sample budget templates will help you get handy with placing the right price list your company needs. Whether you do it per month or year, our corporate budget templates allow you to keep your expenses intact with premade tables and expand them if necessary using our editor tool.

However, even when you need budgeting for your nonprofit organization or institution, our budget templates are flexible. You just need to pick a template that aligns with your needs. Then, print out copies using A4, US Letter, or A3 document size in landscape and portrait orientation. Our business budget templates are also made simple to keep your document minimal and professional-looking, but still useful. Now that you know how budgeting is made easier. What are you waiting for? Browse our templates and get yours today!

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