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Formulating business strategies requires you to put a lot of effort into research and study. However, creating documents and presentations might take away time from planning and studying. You can reduce the time and effort you have to put into making strategic roadmaps with the help of our expertly created, customizable ready-made Strategic Templates in Excel. Download one of our templates to save a significant amount of time and effort when creating strategic roadmaps today!


  • How do ready-made templates aid in formulating strategies?

      1. Using ready-made templates will allow you to dedicate more effort and time to more important aspects of formulating the business strategy.
      2. Using the templates will allow you to be flexible and able to prepare documents quickly.
      3. You can produce documents without doing them from the beginning.
  • What are the things to consider when making strategic roadmaps?

      1. You should have a clear, established goal.
      2. Consider factors that might affect the overall strategy.
      3. Have a complete plan.
      4. Take note of the steps dictated by the strategy.
      5. Establish a timeline and set deadlines.
      6. Make use of suitable applications.
      7. When you translate the strategy into the roadmap, make sure that the steps are written concisely.
      8. Make sure that the phases of the strategy are distinguished from each other.
  • What's the suitable computer application to use when making roadmaps?

      The features of strategic roadmaps are not that complicated. Applications like MS Excel, Powerpoint, or Word can be used to create a roadmap.

  • How do you create a pivot table in Microsoft Excel?

      1. Select a cell in your data table.
      2. Select 'insert' then go to recommended, and then click 'Pivot table.'
      3. Options will be available for you so select one that you think is suitable.
      4. Press ok to finish.
  • What are the alternative applications you can use to create strategic files?

      1. If you want to prepare text document templates, you can use Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
      2. For roadmaps, schedules, and flowcharts, you can use Excel or Google Sheets