How to Make a Support Letter in Word

Sometimes it takes help from other people before someone can get a position he or she needs. That's why sometimes you have to write a support letter to someone. This doesn't mean that the company or university doesn't trust the applicant. It's only that they need testimonies from credible people. These people will attest that the applicant fits their criteria. So, if someone asked you to write a simple letter, here are some tips that can help you with you:

1. Keep a Formal Tone

Your recipient will understand the kind of message you want to convey to him or her. If you want to make your recipient feel that you're serious about your intention, you have to consider your tone. Your tone has to sound formal. Meaning, you have to phrase your sentences so that it would sound formal. Also, don't forget to be courteous and respectful all the time in your support letter writing. You don't want the recipient to feel that you're demanding him or her to accept your objective. Whatever kind of letter it may be, whether it's a recommendation letter or a reference letter, you have to be formal.

2. Introduce the Applicant and Yourself

Never forget to introduce yourself and where you're from. This way, the recipient will know who you are. This will also help your recipient determine that you are credible to write the letter. Like what the Business 2 Community said, people are eager to believe the advertisement if they know its source. Also, since this article talks about providing support to someone, you also have to introduce the applicant. In introducing yourself and the applicant, you have to keep it short. You don't need a lot of words of introduction. Just keep it less. This way, you still have room for the other content of your printable letter.

3. Provide a Testimony about the Applicant (Be Honest)

A testimony is going to help persuade your recipient that the applicant fits their company or university. Since you're the one writing the letter, you have to list and provide the good qualities of the person that makes him or her competent. A testimony is going to be effective since you're a reliable person. You have to make sure that you provide the applicant's best qualities. But make sure that you're not just making it up. You have to be certain that everything you write is real. If ever you lied and they accept the person, and they'd find out that you wrote phony things, you can ruin your reputation.

4. Summarize Why the Applicant Deserves the Position

In the last part of your checklist about writing a letter, you have to remind the recipient again why they have to accept the person. But, unlike the previous step that you are specific, you have to summarize it. Don't use another whole paragraph to explain again why the person is deserving of your endorsement.

5. Download a Support Letter Template

A template is an alternative if you don't have much time to start from scratch. There are a lot of professionally written letter templates above. There is an immigration letter of support, thank you letter of support, solicitation letter for financial support, and more. Pick the letter template that you need. Then, all you need is to change some of its contents. Good luck!

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